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The Basics of Air Conditioning: The AC Components


Louisiana can get blistering hot for many people, so a well working air conditioning is an absolute must. These lifesaving appliances are made up of many different parts that work together in order to provide you with cold air, even on the hottest of summer days. Here are the basics on the air conditioning components and how they work to keep you cool:

  • Compressor

    This is where the magic happens. This component is typically found on the hot side of the air conditioning unit, which is outside of the house. The compressor’s job is to circulate the refrigerant through the coils of the air conditioning unit.

  • Condenser:

    The job of the condenser is to compress the refrigerant. During the cooling cycle, the evaporator will absorb the heat in the refrigerant vapor. This vapor is then turned back into liquid through the high pressure caused by the compressor.

  • Evaporator

    The evaporator absorbs heat from the refrigerant.

  • Refrigerant

    The refrigerant is a liquid substance that can efficiently absorb heat. The refrigerant flows through a closed system of piping to the coil outside. A fan within the air conditioning unit will blow air from the outside over to the coil filled with hot refrigerant. This will transfer the heat in the refrigerant to the outside air. If you have a refrigerant leak, we can help you out through our air conditioning repair in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Those are the basic components found in many conventional air conditioning systems. The whole system is fairly simple but it is quite effective in keeping your home cool and comfortable during the summer. However, just like with most appliances, your air conditioning unit will require regular maintenance to operate properly. We offer exceptional air maintenance services in Louisiana to help you keep your air condition unit working all summer long.

Those are just a few of the many things to keep in mind with regards to your air conditioning unit. So if you would like to find out more or if you are interested in our exceptional ac repair in Louisiana, please get in touch with Acadian Heating and Air at anytime.

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