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Furnace Safety Features That Protect Your Home

Furnace Safety Features That Protect Your Home

You may not avoid a malfunctioning heater. If malfunctions occur, call a professional for heating repair immediately. Otherwise, it will cause damage to your properties. It may even put lives at risk.

Above all else, make sure that you install furnace safety features to prevent accidents. These features can give you a heads-up when you need furnace repair. Here are the safety features worth investing to protect your home:

  • Limit Switch
    The limit switch measures the temperature around the furnace’s combustion chamber. It watches out for extremely high temperatures. Upon detection, it shuts down the system, consequently allowing you to do heater repair and maintenance.
  • Air Pressure Switch
    Also known as the draft inducer, the air pressure switch can help with the flow of heating and air. This switch blows out lingering combustion gases from the combustion chamber.
  • Thermocouple
    The thermocouple detects low temperatures from the pilot light, which is an indicator that the furnace is burning inefficiently. If the thermocouple is triggered, it cuts off the gas supply to your pilot light. Call it in for water heater repair then.
  • Mercury Flame Sensor
    A crucial time to call for water heater replacement is when your furnace triggers the mercury flame sensor. This sensor is the modern-day alternative of the thermocouple.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
    If your carbon monoxide detector detects high levels of carbon monoxide in the house, it will sound out an alarm. Too much carbon monoxide can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be quite deadly. Call for gas leak repair when the alarm is triggered.

Acadian Heating and Air knows the importance of your gas water heater. Call us when you need help with repairing your furnace.

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