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Emergency Heating Repair and Service Baton Rouge

Emergency Heating Repair and Service for Baton Rouge and the Surrounding Area!

Our Heating System Stopped Working.  What Do I Do Now?

If the heating system, in your Baton Rouge home or office, has stopped working, Acadian Heating & Air’s 24-Hour Emergency Service is only a phone call away! 225-819-3757

Frustrated is the best description as to the feelings you will experience when your heating system fails in the middle of the winter.  The bitter cold makes life miserable when your heater is not working.  When a heating system emergency develops, your family questions why you are not fixing it right now!  The Acadian Heating & Air heating system repair heroes are ready to help in a flash.  It is our priority and goal to return your Baton Rouge home to your expected level of comfort and warmth!

Our professionals are waiting now for your call!  The heating system professionals, at Acadian Heating & Air are available, in Baton Rouge, to save the day – or night.  Our team is comprised of certified technicians available 24/7/365 to rescue you and your family during your untimely heating system emergency.

What Heating System Malfunction Requires an Emergency Requiring Heating Repair or Service?

To have your problem qualified as a heating system emergency is easy.  First, listen carefully when turning your system on.  Is your heater making loud obnoxious banging noises or is there an ozone smell like there may be a fire?  Occasionally, a whiff of oxidation can be smelled when your heater is first started during the first cold snap and which is normal.  Next, if your heating system is displaying any of the following symptoms then call Acadian Heating & Air as quickly as you can:

  1. Heater shutting down
  2. Not producing warm air
  3. Will not turn on

If your heater fails in the middle of the night and will not turn back on, call us immediately.  We do not want you and your family cold and shivering.  Lastly, the most prudent and safe thing you can do is call Acadian Heating & Air any time you believe your home heating system has an issue.  Our courteous technicians are always delighted to assist. 225-819-3757

What Can You Expect When the Acadian Heating & Air Heating Repair Technician Arrives, at Your Baton Rouge Home?

Once the Acadian Heating & Air heating system technician arrives at your Baton Rouge home or office, they will begin performing a series of troubleshooting tests.  You will be able to sit back and relax knowing the technician will make all the repairs required to get your heating system operating again.  With Acadian Heating & Air, you can be confident our professional, certified technician will perform your repairs accurately the first time.  Do not be afraid to ask our technician any questions concerning your repairs or express any concerns you may have while they are on site. They will gladly answer all of your questions to assist in understanding what may have occurred and what measures are being done to correct the problem.

Regardless of where you live in Baton Rouge or the or surrounding areas a professional Acadian Heating & Air technician will visit your home or office as quickly as possible and provide emergency repair services.

Baton Rouge Emergency Heating Repair and Service When You Need It!

Are you experiencing a heating or air conditioning emergency? Please call us now at 225-819-3757 so one of our emergency staff can be dispatched to your location.

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