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Common Water Heating Problems During Winter

Common Water Heating Problems During Winter

During the winter months, you don’t only have to worry about keeping yourself warm. You also have to think about whether or not you can maintain the warmth inside your home with a fully functional air conditioning installation. More specifically, you have to ensure that your furnace or water heater is working as it should. Otherwise, not only will you have to worry about freezing, but you will also have to worry about damaging your things at home.

You may need to call for furnace repair as soon as possible when you encounter these common water heating problems during winter:

  • Faulty parts
    For gas water heaters, keep a close eye on the thermocouple, pilot, and pilot control valve. As for the electric one, inspect the thermostat and heating elements. You may need to call a licensed HVAC contractor to do the inspection on your behalf.
  • Insufficient insulation
    During the cold months, it is imperative to insulate the pipes. However, the pipes aren’t the only ones in need of insulation during winter. Your water heater must be insulated as well. If you have a gas water heater, use fiberglass wraps to insulate it. Neoprene foam works best with electrical water heaters.
  • Temperature
    This particular tip is recommended for those who have electric heaters. Make sure that your heater’s temperature doesn’t exceed 120 degrees. High temperatures can cause the electrodes in the water to degrade, causing the water to become too acidic. Acidic water, in turn, can cause the anodes protecting the heater’s walls to degrade.

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