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AC Installation in Louisiana

How do I choose the right A/C for my needs? Does the type of A/C affect my energy bill? Do I really need a new A/C at home? When is it time to replace my current air conditioning unit?Well, if you live in Baton Rouge, LA or any of its nearby areas, you know it gets pretty warm most months of the year. These questions are pretty common but you get mixed answers if you don’t ask the right people.Acadian Heating and Air, serves homeowners and business owners throughout the Baton Rouge community. Our experts can definitely help you make the right decision when it involves getting a new A/C system or replacing an old one. You need an Air conditioning system that is reliable, efficient, and one that won’t burn a hole in your pocket every time you turn it on. Usually if its older than 15 yrs its time to replace the A/C.A new central air conditioning system installed will improve the air quality and your quality of life. You may even save money when you choose an A/C that is energy efficient. Replacing an old system with a new 14 Seer efficiency government mandated AC system will save more energy and money on the electric bill and runs without a hitch. However, keeping your A/C in good condition also means you need proper maintenance. It doesn’t matter if it’s an A/C system you recently installed or if you’ve had the A/C for years –annual maintenance is such a big factor in prolonging the use of your air conditioner.Acadian Heating and Air has an experienced crew who acts quickly and decisively. You will never deal with someone who dilly-dallies tasks. We know you want your A/C installed quickly and properly.Looking for an energy-efficient A/C system? You can’t go wrong when you opt for our installation services. Our goal is just like yours: we want to give you maximum cooling power while keeping your energy costs low. Incidentally, meeting these two factors also leads to less frequent repairs and more years of enjoying your well-maintained A/C.Give us a call soon! You can reach us at 225-819-3757.

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