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HVAC Services in Baton Rouge

In your home where your family is or in your business location where you attend to customers every day, you want everyone to feel safe and to breathe easy. Acadian Heating and Air will see to it that your air conditioning units or systems are properly installed and well-maintained too. We live in a time where having an air conditioning system has become a commodity, not a luxury. With demand for better HVAC systems, comes the need for proper air conditioning installation and maintenance, and this is why Acadian Heating and Air is here! Located in Baton Rouge, LA, we are a heating and air conditioning company that will provide you with a complete variety of the highest quality HVAC services available on the market. Whether you are looking for minor maintenance, heater repair or you would like to have your HVAC system completely re- serviced, you can be sure that we will make it happen.Our Baton Rouge, LA business was established with the goal of helping residential and commercial customers with any type of HVAC needs they have.Today, our AC and heating system specialists continue to deliver an outstanding array of solutions for people in the area. We stand behind our promises of quality, and always use the finest equipment and parts in the industry. With us by your side, you will never have to worry about your HVAC system again!Servicing andy type of equipment doesn’t only require replacing the parts themselves, but in-depth knowledge about their functionality as well. When replacing a new ac unit the sizing of the home is very important an HVAC system must be sized as the ratio of an HVAC system must be proportional to the dimensions or square footage of living area. We will gladly determine and recommend the proper size needed.

These are the different Air Conditioning Repair and maintenance services we offer:

  • heating and air conditioning repairHeating Repair and Maintenance
  • air conditioning repairAir Conditioning Repair & maintenance
  • attic duct repairsAttic Duct Repairs and Air Leaks
  • condenser unit cleaningCondenser Unit cleaning
  • condenser units installationCondenser Units installation
  • condenser units installationHeating and AC Installation
  • evaporator unit cleaningEvaporator Unit cleaning and installation
  • freon pressure testFreon Pressure Test
  • furnace repairFurnace Repair
  • HVAC repairHVAC repair & diagnostics
  • new high-efficiency unitsInstallation of New High-Efficiency Units
  • staffFind Thermostats
  • water leak repairsWater Leak Repairs
We serve Baton Rouge and other locations such as Walker, Baton Rouge and Central Louisiana. Visit our office or give us a call at 225-819-3757 for Heating Repair and Air Conditioning Repair. We are more than happy to visit you for maintenance or installation of your air conditioning.

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