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Baton Rouge AC Installation

AC Installation Baton Rouge

Acadian Heating & Air is Baton Rouge’s AC Installation Experts!


Do you have an uneasy feeling your air conditioner is not working correctly?  Does it seem to be harder to reach a comfortable cool temperature?  If yes, then it may be time for an ac repair or in some cases a new AC unit is necessary.  There is little worse than a failing ac system, particularly during the hottest part of a typical Baton Rouge summer.  This shouldn’t happen, and a regular maintenance schedule will allow for proactive problem resolution.  Are you unsure if you need a new ac system installed or replaced? Call Acadian Heating & Air today and we can diagnose the issue and provide an honest recommendation! 225-819-3757

Options and recommendation can be provided by our technician if the need for a replacement is necessary of your Baton Rouge ac system. We want your home to be comfortable and we will do the necessary repairs or replacement in a timely manner.  Our trained technicians are efficient at inspecting the system and responding with reliable and affordable solutions. Here’s a few causes that make a new AC system a viable, smart option:

  • Outdated AC System
  • High Energy Bills
  • Warranty Options
  • Fresher, Cooler Air
  • Better Air Quality
  • System has Reached Max-Efficiency
  • New, More Reliable Technology
  • Increased Capabilities
  • Redesigned Features

Acadian Heating & Air is the Baton Rouge AC Installation Company You Can Believe In! 225-819-3757

Annual Inspections and Your New AC System Installation

On an annual basis, Baton Rouge home and business owners commonly waste thousands on poor energy efficient ac systems, usually old and outdated. Additional life can be added through regular air conditioning maintenance, which is not often recognized for its importance to the sustained optimal performance. The lack of attention results in ac units breaking down more often and easier.  Acadian Heating & Air recommends your Baton Rouge AC system be serviced at least twice a year to maintain maximum operational efficiency.  This does not guarantee your system will not malfunction or breakdown but will allow it to have a longer operational lifespan.  Even with constant upkeep and maintenance, air conditioning systems may unpredictably stop working.

Baton Rouge AC Installation or Repair

Should you repair your ac system or replace it with a new more efficient model?  That depends on the cost analysis between repairing the system and installation.  Our technician can provide the necessary information to assist in this tough choice. Will the repairs, over time, cost more than a new system plus the money saved in energy bills? That is an answer only you can determine.  Once you have decided the best option is replacement/installation, then the types, operation rates, and requirements of different manufactures come into play.  Square footage and ductwork are the two pieces of information that make the comparison easier and will ensure you purchase the correct system.

Who to Call when You Need AC Installation?

When a problem happens, calling Acadian Heating & Air is the solution! With efficient, trained technicians and affordable prices, we clearly are the right choice for your Baton Rouge home or business. Contact us today for the top AC installation and air conditioning maintenance services in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas! 225-819-3757

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