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5 Habits That Can Damage Your Air Conditioner

5 Habits That Can Damage Your Air Conditioner

We often rely on the air conditioning units of our houses and offices to keep us comfortable and productive throughout the day. However, we are not aware that the way we casually use these machines can actually damage them.

So, if you don’t want your units breaking down when you need them the most, you should refrain from:

  1. Keeping it on for a prolonged period of time.
    Just like us, machines need to take a break too! Leaving your air conditioning unit running constantly will quickly pile up wear and tear on your device. Plus, it will hike up your electricity bill too! Be more efficient with your usage by turning on the air conditioning unit only when it is needed. That way, you can prevent the unit from being overworked and needlessly damaged. (And, in case you need air conditioner or water heater repair, you can always reach out to us.)
  2. Neglecting to change the filter.
    Using the same filter over and over again will not only make your unit less efficient in maintaining the room temperature, but it might also become a habitat for harmful germs. Thankfully, you can easily ask a licensed professional to replace the filter for you.
  3. Fumbling with the thermostat.
    There’s nothing wrong with customizing the temperature of your home, but tinkering with the technical parts of your air conditioning system a little too often might cause it to break and fail. If you have concerns with the unit you have at home, you can always consult Acadian Heating and Air about it for repairs.
  4. Leaving vents, outdoor equipment, and indoor units blocked.
    Just like the filter, these are also vital parts that keep your conditioning unit in good order. As much as you can, try to keep them from being covered by furniture, shelves, or other appliances. Leaving them blocked will disrupt the airflow for your air conditioning unit and make it less efficient. (In fact, you should allow us to do water heater installation for you so that it doesn’t stand in the way!)
  5. Avoiding the regular maintenance schedule.
    Having air conditioner maintenance (or even heating maintenance) done on time may be a bit costly, but it is actually far cheaper than having to buy a brand new unit. Besides, getting your machine checked on a schedule will spot and repair any problems that it may have, allowing it to stay functional over a longer period of time.

Looking through the list that we have prepared, how many of these do you find yourself guilty of? Well, now that you’re more aware of what shouldn’t be done, it will guide you to use your air conditioning unit more efficiently.

And just in case you ever find yourself in need not just of services pertaining to air conditioners, we are professionals who also render heating repair in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Give us a call if you have questions!

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