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4 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

4 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

To stay cool during Louisiana’s hot summer days, many people tend to increase their AC usage. However, this usage increase can also escalate the wear and tear on the internal components of your air conditioner unit.

To ensure proper operation of your AC without any breakdown, it is essential to have the professional team at Acadian Heating and Air who performs aircon maintenance services in Louisiana.

However, aside from letting our experts handle your AC repair, here are some maintenance tips to keep your AC running smoothly.

  1. Keep Filters Clean

    Check and clean your AC filters regularly. A dirty filter can prevent your air conditioner unit from properly functioning.

    Note: Depending on the type of AC filter you have, you might have to do this on a monthly basis.

  2. Keep Evaporator Coils Clean

    Evaporator coils are an important part of your AC unit, so make sure to keep them clean too. The coils can collect dust over time. Check and clean it regularly. Remember, dirty coils can prevent proper air flow. When this happens, the AC can struggle as it keeps the room cool.

  3. Unclog Condensate Drain Tubes

    Do you see water that puddles around the furnace when your AC is running? This means that there is clogging in your AC’s condensate drain tube. This can result in a humidity increase and low cooling inside your home. Make sure to check and clean blockages from the condensate drains regularly.

  4. Schedule Regular Repairs and Maintenance

    If you don’t have the time or inclination to maintain your AC unit, why not hire a professional? Our qualified technicians offer professional air conditioning repair in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They also handle maintenance requests.


Regular maintenance of your AC unit will ensure optimal cooling efficiency. Moreover, it can result in lower energy bills while your AC unit’s lifespan increases because of less wear and tear.

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